Campus Compact: Our Commitments

As members of the Division of Student Affairs, we affirm our commitment to vigorously and responsibly fostering a purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring, and celebrative community at Oregon State University. We will be held accountable for the sincerity of our commitments and the honesty of our actions.

We aspire to create a purposeful community, dedicated to enabling individuals to be successful learners, teachers, and leaders in the University and in the larger community.

We aspire to create a disciplined community where each member of the community is committed and responsible for upholding the standards and expectations conducive to the common good.

We aspire to create an open community where people feel safe to ask questions, to share ideas and experiences, and to express their individuality.

We aspire to create a caring community where members value, nurture, respect and embrace each other, and where they take responsibility for the well-being of others.

We aspire to create a just community, where the dignity of every individual is affirmed and where equality of opportunity is vigorously pursued.

We aspire to create a celebrative community where we joyfully affirm all members and their contributions as meaningful to the University and the larger community.